NewYear’s just around the corner. What’s your Resolutions and how to Stick to them?

I was so excited about Christmas this year that I’ve almost forgotten about making my 2012 New Year resolution. Each year I’ve made a list, but never stick to them for long, does this sounds like you? Browsing the web, I’ve found this blog, titled, 5 Keys to Making and Keeping Your New Year Resolutions, After reading it, I can make my list with much clearer perspective on my goals. My favorite part of this blog is Define the Win, which is one of those 5 keys he listed. I really like how he explained this simple process, and the term Define the Win. “Many people make mistakes of making very general goals and never end up keeping them”. It’s important to define your goals, it’ll help you have a more solid idea of what you want to achieve and start thinking what you can do. Don’t be discouraged to try new things and fail, you can start small. Keep in mind that it should be realistic, in other word accomplishable.

OK, now you have written down your goals, then what? The challenge is sticking to it. To stick to your resolutions, you should find ways to stay motivated throughout the year. Here’s another helpful article I found call, How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution. Found a friend that has similar goals; “you can work to keep each other accountable as the year goes on”. Keep a journal to record your progress, looking back to your journal entries will show you how far you’ve come, or “boost your motivation when you see how excited you were to conquer your resolutions in the first few weeks”.

Remember, the one thing you CAN control is your attitude.  Staying positive is important in order to be successful in life, even when times are tough. “Face rejection, failure, and disappointment with positivity, motivation, and enthusiasm, and you will find that everything else falls into place and good things will come your way!”


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