Finding employement, is still on my ‘to do list’..

Looking for work can feel like all your efforts are going nowhere, and then weeks of unemployment turning into months can be discouraging too. “Studies have shown that people who are optimistic, have high self-esteem, and view the job loss as an opportunity to improve are more likely to look harder for jobs and have more success. A little positive energy can go a long way toward successfully finding employment”.

It’s overwhelming searching for a job online; many job sites/services are annoying, scams because in order to apply, or view it’s jobs listings you have to go through a series of ads, or charge with a fee for their services. ‘Um, how would you like me to pay, from my imaginary paycheck?’ Absurd! I’m greatly pleased that I’ve found two employment agencies thus far, that had been helpful in my job search, Vitamin T and CampusPoint. Aquent’s Vitamin T division, connects people with employers in the wide range of the digital media industry, from designers, developers, and more.

The other day I had an informal interview with Campus Point, an employment agency for students and recent grads like me. Last month I finished with a certificate in graphic design; before that I’ve been schooling for five years give or take, frustrating with not knowing what I want to do.  At the interview with Campus Point, it was a group setting and basically we went around the circle talking about ourselves, our backgrounds and what types of jobs we’re looking for. It’s a lot less nerve-wracking than a typical one-on-one interview, but I was still nervous because I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. The interviewers are there to better understand us and connect us to potential employers. I wish I had given them a better sense of my background, and a direction in what I want to go into, but I am still exploring what my career settings are.

Graphic design is very broad, generally, there’s the creative side then there’s the technical side of the industry. I don’t have real working experience other than base on my coursework. I am mostly interested in the design aspect of developing internet products, mobile platforms, or websites.  I would like to be more involve with varies stages of the process, from planning the design layouts to the finishing product or service. I am also interested in consulting, providing technology solutions for other businesses, companies like Afirma Consulting, and Fresh Consulting. These are the types of jobs I am interested in. Most employers that I do see myself working with are generally in the Redmond/ Bellevue area, for example, Microsoft, Volt Solutions, and, which they are all practically down the hill from my home, it’s convenient, with fixable hours and transportation.

Now that I have a better idea of what my career settings are, I feel like I have a better chance of finding employment. I found my direction, but I still have a lot of miles to go. I am able to even visualize myself being successful in working with potential employers. Research the company is extremely important, especially when preparing for an interview with that employer.   “In an uncertain job market, the one thing you CAN be in control of is your attitude.  Keep a positive attitude during your job search and get back to work doing what you love.”


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