The beginning of my food journey, with summer-healthy-recipes


It’s June already? OK, so I haven’t been living in the cave for the last 5 days, it just doesn’t feel like summer that’s all because it’s been raining a lot here in Seattle, hope it’ll clear out soon so we can go to the park and start grilling it up again. Anywho, when I think of summer I automatically think of blue skies, blue waters, adventurous, laid back, warmth, freedom, and good food.

I recently read “Summer Bloggin” from The Daily Post, and it suggested some great ideas for our blogs this summer. It really got me thinking that I don’t want to waste summer, and I should start planning how I’d like to spend it. The author of the post, Erica, made a very interesting suggestion, and that is to cover different topics seasonally, so I decided to start a food blog, why not? This summer I’m going to learn some new healthy-summer-recipes; I’m going to try to learn HOW to cook period! The only time I’m in the kitchen preparing a serious meal, is during family gatherings which I enjoy. We even used to have sisters-movie-night, instead of ordering out we would stay in and cook together; we tried to make it a regular thing. Unfortunately, my sister moved back to Tacoma which is SO far away, and my other sister’s work schedule became crazy, so then that just leaves me.

I’ve already planned what to make for my first food blog entry; I’m undecided between the Grilled Greek Salad with Chicken, and Chicken Chicharrones. I’m sort of new to cooking and blogging, so I guess this food blog thing will go accordingly to whatever I’m in the mood for, and what I have in the fridge. Here are the two foods I mentioned earlier:

  • The Grilled Greek Salad with Chicken, its pita bread stuffed with chalk full of veggies and other goodies in Greek style.
  • Chicken Chicharrones is grilled chicken which is cooked in different spices, then serve on warm tortilla with sour cream and salsa.

So I’d probably have to start cooking for my blog next week, on Sunday or Monday. In the meantime I’d go look up some more recipes, and continue watching cooking shows and take notes. In the cooking shows they’ve been stirring up some good summer recipes in their kitchen a lot lately, and boy-oh-boy its been making me hungry.

So here’s the end of my blog, finally, because It’s kind of hard to focus on my writing with my 11 yr old niece singing Beyonce in the background; thank goodness it isn’t Miley Cyrus tonight. So join me in my food journey (I’ll try not to poison anybody), and always remember that there are no mistakes in life, just learning experiences. 🙂


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