Friday Confessions

Ok,  I can’t remember to last time I’ve posted anything, and yes I’ve been meaning to, but i guess i’m just so caught up with work and family. I’d like to blog more often, and thought Friday Confesions every week would give me a boost here.  Anyways, i have to get ready for work soon, so excuse my sloppy writting, plus i’m typing with this old crappy laptop, where the cursor is constantly moving, so every so often, i end up typing somewhere else on this page! and how did this entire paragarph got bold?? pff..

I confess…

I forgot to check my schedule today, i either start work at 1 or 2pm, well i’m lazy today so i’ll just start at 2pm.

i confess..

i just finished my workout, only 20 minutes of low impact cardio/strenght trainineg. Not proud of it. Before i had this job i used to be able to wake up earlier and do 30-60 minutes of workout, which is the time recommendations of the Health and Fitness guidline.

i confess..

i’m so LAZY all the time, i’m tire of being tire. I use to do enjoy doing things, use to dream and set goals for myself, what happen to me? ugh.. I do hate working sometimes because it’s depressing, i wake up every mornig , go to work (which i do not enjoy) tire as firetruck, come home and sleep.

i confess..

I’m trying to get out of the funk, try something different , learn something new.. for the past few days, i sat down and re-self-evaluate, i need to change and work on some things.



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