Warm and Cozy on New Year

First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for my terrible spelling and grammar because the cursor constantly moves, so it’s hard to type.. and the computer has other werid reactions. With that said, here are my thoughts for today’s Daily Prompt writting challenge:

Where were you last night when 2012 turned into 2013? Is that where you’d wanted to be?

I was in my bed watching the space needle light up on the news. I can hear my mom snoring in the next room, and fainted sounds of fireworks from my window.

I Came home from work, tire, cold and feeling sick a lot lately (which is very popular around this time), so I wouldn’t be able to enjoy much anyways if I were to go out. First thing I did after coming in from the cold, I took a long nap, and much later when it’s closer to the countdown, woken up to watch the fireworks explodes across my TV screen. Recieved a phone call by another sickie, my boyfriend, on mindnight to wish me a happy new year, made kissy sounds to eachother.. and talked for a little then went back to sleep. I rather be home safe and warm than out back into the freakin cold and chaos. So yeah, I was watching people enjoying themselves at the space needle, NY time sqaure, and the rest of the world celebrating. Terrible traffic jam up and down the streets of downtown, people getting stuck and drunk all night. So yeah I guess I was content at an extent, thankful for a warm bed, food, and TV.

Although right now my ideal of spending new year’s would to be on a rooftop, someplace high with a great view of fireworks, but away from the noise and the crowds; wrapped around with my boyfriend’s arms, and a thermal blanket, enjoying some hot tea, and hot soup for a couple of sickies like us.. mmm me like some soup right now.. Basically something romantic, simple and quiet.


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