About Me

cup of roseWelcome! The title of my blog, Tea & Truffles, I think it fits well with what my blog is mostly about. I like to compare having tea with chocolates to wine and cheese, I guess it’s a taste-bug thing. I’m always looking for a healthier alternative (tea over coffee) and like to be enlightened.  With our busy lives, It’s important to make time for ourselves and enjoy life; smell the ROSES along the way (journey).

My ultimate goal is to live a long, happy and healthy life. I am slowly but progressively a blogger…. another creative outlet for me, a place to write, to think, learn and reflect.. and just about anything mundane. It’s nice to sit down and reflect on tea, while indulging in chocolates!

black rose

If you start to take charge of the external things in your life, it will be easier to take charge of the internal ones.

~Jillian Michaels~

calm tea


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