Wish I can say I’ve had, but who hasn’t?

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

Well, I hadn’t done the things I said I would, or as often as I should. Every year I make my new year’s resolutions,  got the ball rolling for the first few weeks, and as time goes by.. POOF.. forgotten all about them, or just not motivated. Infact, one of this year’s resolution for me is to “stop procastinating” and just do it! Turn my thoughts and words into actions. Might I add even to be spontaneous? Try to cross out as much on my “to do list” and create a system that works for me. Plus I am extremely shy person, a shot or two of spontaneous would help me break out of my shell.

The biggest goal I focus on each year is my overall health and well-being. Regular excercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. Here’s a health equation for ya: As we get older, metabolism slows down and your body uses up fewer calories, so we need to stay active througout life to avoid pounds creeping on.

Here’s a few things I’d like to work on this year, simple things that would make a BIG difference:

Stop Procrastinating

Be Optimistic

Be Spantaneous

and most importantly.. Stay Motivated!!

So all the procrastinators out there like me, remember, staying motivated is essential to sticking to ANY new year’s rez.. yep..