Luxury Retreat

A neutral white and gray room with gold/ metallic accents, is the perfect luxury retreat. I Specifically choose these colors because of what I want my room to look and feel, simple yet elegant. Also some great DIY decor ideas, so let’s get comfy and cozy.


Just like in Ikea magazines, I like to have a model for this bedroom spread, so here’s Felicity, (which means happy, bliss.. I mean just look at her!) and yes I just named a random picture of a cat I found on Google.

Ok, I’m getting off topic here, but this little kitty is my inspiration for this bedroom look, you’ll clearly see that I’ve picked her fur as my color schemes, and my dream bedroom would have to be rich in texture as it is in comfort.


I love this charcoal bedding set from Bed Bath & Beyond, a solid-colored-clean design coverlet makes it perfect to layer up with a throw blanket, and add bold decorative pillows to create a bed that is rich in texture as it is in comfort.


This lovely vanity/ desk beside the bed, instantly glam up the room. From the lamps, table, mirror and the chair, these geometric furniture charmingly compliments each other. Simple furniture and solid accent colors, makes it great to paired with a bold-patterned rug, artworks or anything else you want bring focus.

moodboard tealights

Washi tape comes in several different colors and patterns, with this there are countless of fun-easy ideas for your home décor. I love this mood board idea for my room, what better way to be inspire everyday. You can also dress up tea-lights with decorative tape!

I’ve always wanted to makeover my room, for 2014 I’m finally going to make that happen now that I know what I like. For anymore bedroom inspirations and DIY ideas visit my Pinterest page. If you haven’t try Pinterest, be aware it’s very addictive.