Becoming a Literary Genius in 365 Days

It’s January and before the end of winter solstice, cozy up with some old friends–and maybe some new ones! Reread or catch up some favorite classic novels, perfect for curling up with by the fire.

I’ve always loved world literature and historical fiction, i don’t know why i haven’t got into the classics sooner! I just love these Barnes & Noble’s Collectible Editions, each volume exquisitely designed in genuine bonded leather, with gilt edging and a silk-ribbon bookmark. These books make elegant additions to any home library.

Ultimate Classics Collection

For 2013 I challenge myself to read 12 books, one for each month, and again for this year I’d like to continue that challenge. In 2014 I aspire to be better-read, so join me and ‘unleash your literary side–one great book at a time!’.

It just so happens there is a reading guide for literary enlightenment all year long, and for the rest of your life: Book Smart: Your Essential Reading List for Becoming a Literary Genius in 385 Days, which is the title of this post. Book Smart expands your knowledge and enjoyment with a month-by-month plan that tackles 120 of the most compelling books of all time. Whichever approach you take to plan this challenge, ‘your mind will be 12 books richer!’.

I haven’t checked out Book Smart yet myself, and here are some other books that you may be interested as well:

How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines. Thomas C. Foster

How to Read Novels Like a Professor: A Jaunty Exploration of the World’s Favorite Literary Form. Thomas C. Foster

black rose

Here are a few titles on my 2014 reading list:

Jane Austen- Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility etc.

F. Scott Fitzgerald- The Beautiful and the Damned, The Great Gatsby etc.

Lewis Carroll- Alice Adventures in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass etc.

Emily Bronte- Wuthering Heights

Charlotte Brontë- Jane Eyre

Anne Brontë –Agnes Grey

Charles Dickens- Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities etc.

Richard Francis Burton- The Arabian Nights

Any book recommendations to add to this list? I’d like to know.

Happy reading!