Endorphins, commonly known as “natural high”

I try not to rely on caffeine or energy drinks to get myself going (easier said than done). I like to workout at least 30 minutes in the morning, followed by a nice cold shower. I feel more energize after a good workout, and a cold shower makes me feel more awake and refresh!

Immediately after exercising you can feel the rush, it releases endorphins in the brain, which in turn cause us to have what is commonly known as a “natural high”, sending these chemicals throughout the body. An energy drink can’t do that! Besides, caffeine has very little effect on me, I’ve even tried those 5 hour energy shots and it lasted less than 5 hours. A quick shot won’t do the job. So here’s my prescription to you, if you have trouble staying awake, alert and want to stay in shape at the same time, workout at least 30 mins follow by a nice cold shower (also good for blood circulation, at least 1 min before shower ends if you can’t handle cold water). Your energy level increases and will last all day; not only you’ll feel great but you’ll look great too, so get those endorphins going!

If you don’t have time to workout, try waking up early and do just that. I’m still having trouble waking up early myself. I wish I can tell my body when to sleep, and when to wake up without effort and grogginess, Impossible?  Try scheduling your sleep cycle, let’s say 11pm is your bed time, even when you’re not sleepy, then set your alarm early as 6am. Do this even on the weekends so your body will get use to it, eventually it’ll get easier. Too much or too little of sleep is not good, so remember, adults need at least 7 hours of sleep.

Don’t have time to workout in the morning at all? That’s just fine, do it on your own time. Your productive hours may be in the morning, afternoon, and even late in the evening. “You will also likely sleep better that night and feel more energetic the next day”.

Don’t enjoy working out? Any physical activity like rock climbing, dancing, walking your dog, going on a bike ride with the family, anything that gets your heart pumping will get those endorphins going, so grab a buddy and find a hobby.

“I just don’t have the time” You have to make your health a priority. Being physically active offers benefits far beyond the obvious benefits, with that said, get motivated to start an exercise program or get back into working out regularly. You don’t need to spend a lot of hours at the gym; you can work short spurts of physical activity into your day. “Recent U.S. government guidelines say that to lose weight and keep it weight off, you should accumulate at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. But half an hour a day is all you need to reap the health and disease-fighting benefits of exercise”.

“Endorphin release varies from person to person; some people will feel an endorphin rush after jogging for 10 minutes. Others will jog for half an hour before their kicks in. You don’t have to exercise vigorously to stimulate endorphin release: meditation, acupuncture, massages therapy, even eating spicy food or breathing deeply – these all cause your body to produce endorphins naturally.”

K. Crossaboon

When you exercise regularly, you not only change your physical appearance, you also experience a greater sense of mental and emotional well-being and far more.