Tuesday, a walk in the park

“Do you prefer a cloudy rainy day but warm? Or A COLD day with sunshine?”, the weather lady on the TV screen said, about to report the weather cast for this week.  I like the warmth of the sun rays in a chilly morning and the cold crisp air, simply beautiful.  Today I woke up early 7 getting ready for my date, yes, a date this EARLY! Excited and nervous, It was our first date and we had coffee, well he had tea and I end up drinking his instead; it had a hint of Jasmine flavor, his favorite which quickly became mine too, obviously. Our sun-shining-chilly morning day together was nice, we walked throughout downtown and the waterfront. It was a good day, I don’t think I’ve ever or if rarely actually thought in these exact words, “today is going to be a good day”.

“A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and  a successful result.”

I‘ve read so many articles and books on positive thinking, cognitive therapy, and all things self-iimprovements. However, it’s not just what our mind can do to determine our own piece of happiness, it’s what’s in the heart as well. I’m always fascinated to learn on how the mind works.

Being optimism just doesn’t come natural to me like for some people. It can get very frustrating. I’m sure we all have our doubts, and our cranky days, but this is something I’ve been working on for a long time. The other night I wrote in my journal, five things I’m thankful for, and every night or every other night I’ve made a mental note to do that more often. I’ve read somewhere if you just do that, instantly you feel more uplifted. Little things like that does make a big difference. If you enjoy a bike ride with the family, or always wanted to try something new, or just enjoy a good book. With our busy lives, It’s important to make time for ourselves and enjoy life

“Time spent working on your health and happiness is never time wasted; make it a priority!”