Is blogging for me? What are Some Things to Consider?

I love to read, and naturally love for literature as to love for writing. I’ve always wished that I’m a great writer or a poet, unfortunately I’m not.  I’ve even attempted in writing songs, yeah that didn’t lasted long; it was just something I liked to do for fun.  It’s not easy putting my thoughts in writing, I’ve always had trouble expressing myself through words either in writing or speaking,  so I would doodle in my 5 x 8 sketch diary instead, which I enjoy. Having my own blog would be another creative outlet for me.  I have many thoughts and interests on such topics that I’d like to share with whomever, or just to myself, a place to write, think and reflect… So I thought the title,”Is Blogging for me? What are Some Things to Consider?” would be most appropriate.

Although I’ve had posted a few before, I consider myself as a beginner blogger, and I’d like to kick start my blog with THIS post. I was actually inspire to focus more on my writing/blogging after reading two particular posts that was freshly press recently, btw congrads to them. These posts emphasized about inspirations, it’s all around us, we just have to take a moment and appreciate it. To be a great blogger, you must maintain your blogging momentum; I’ll just start writing whatever inspires me at the moment, turn my thoughts into something great, and maybe it’ll one day inspire someone else.

Before starting a blog, there are some things you may want to consider, but first determine if blogging is right for you.  Here’s some questions to think about to determined is blogging right for you:

You enjoy spending time surfing the web

You like to write

You’re passionate about your blog’s topic

You can commit to blogging

You’re comfortable publicizing your thoughts, opinions and ideas

You’re not afraid of technology and you are willing to learn

You’re willing to take risks

Obviously, I have consider all these things and would like to start a blog of my own, but honestly don’t know if I can commit to blogging, it requires a large time commitment, but I’ll try my best to post more frequently. The topic should be something I’m passionate about; it’ll be easier to post more frequently with fresh and interesting content for people. It’s not good for a blog to be static, people will less likely to visit your blog again.

I’m not a writer, a poet, and definitely not a song writer, and that’s OK because I have my 5 x 8 sketch book. “Self-expression is the dominate necessity of human nature” ~Dale Carnegie~. Any art form is self-expression, it’s wonderful and quite therapeutic, so just create something, anything! Paint, sing in the shower, or dance even if your terrible at it like me.  🙂

Where do you find your writing inspirations for your blog?