If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It


movingonForgiveness is something I think I’ve always struggle with. To forgive someone doesn’t mean I am letting them back into my life, it means I am no longer bitter and angry. I want to be fully independent so that I have control of my OWN life. I am very shelter and a full-time day dreamer. Everything I ever wanted is on the other side of fear. It’s time to let go all the hurt and anger I’ve ever felt. It’s time to let go »»»

»»» It’s time to LIVE. Make room for better things, for LOVE, for peace and for happiness. EMBRACE changes. Challenges help me GROW. Challenges bring opportunities. Appreciate the things I’ve already have in life. Enjoy the things I am most PASSIONATE about. I am meant to go on adventures, EXPLORE all of the Pacific Northwest. What makes a better roadtrip, than to take a scenic drive to the beautiful coastlines of Washington and Oregon. I’ve always DREAMED of traveling and getting into photography… I will go on ferryboat rides, go on the tallest skyscrapers, climb to the top of lighthouses, and LEARN all the neat histories of these buildings and places. ENGAGE in cultural experiences like visiting Indian reservations and try their traditional salmon barbeques, walk through museums and Japanese gardens… there are so much to explore in Seattle city and beyond. APPRECIATE nature more and take photos of everything that is BEAUTIFUL, everything that ever INSPIRES me, and making memories that will last a life time…