To bolg.. or not to blog, that is the question..

Hi everyone,

This is actually my first blog ever! And the topic of my FIRST blog is about blogging itself: why blog? What can you benefit from it? What sort of writing blogging is? Well… just thought I start blogging for fun, as a place to work on my writing, to think, learn and reflect. There’s different sorts of blogging, whether it’s for personal use or business use. For personal use, you would blog about your immediate impressions, what you’ve learned, shared ideas and interests… pick a topic! Blogging isn’t necessarily about being read by many people as possible: It’s about having a conversation. “Blogging teaches network literacy, that is how to be an active participate on the web [Associate Professor Jill W. Rettberg]..”, which is essential in the business world now and days… its been picking up speed as business begin to realize the benefits of blogging.

Social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and even Facebook helps business in many ways, by reaching out to costumers (creating traffic), or recruiting employees like through LinkedIn. “Google+ is still in Beta and had a strong start. What gap does it fill in social? Perhaps it’s the pro’s Facebook [Mike Whitmore]..?” .  LinkedIn, it’s a business-oriented social networking. “Re-connect with colleagues or classmates. Find inside connections when on the job haunt, or new business opportunities. Your Network is full of industry experts, willing to share advice”. So employed or unemployed, this is the place you want to get yourself out there and discover.  I have a LinkedIn account myself, and now I’m on Twitter too, you don’t even have to tweet, other than following your fave celebs, you can even follow potential employers. Here’s two articles I find very helpful:  6 tweeting ways to get your next job and Mike’s Twitterisms #3.

Last quarter, I took a class call Web Essentials Communication. It sure covered a lot of interesting topics, and it changed how I view the social media. We even had some great guest speakers in class: Reen Payne, Internet Marketing: SEO Expert. And Mike Whitmore, President of Fresh Consulting based in Bellevue, WA. Some topics Mike covered in class were how to participate, develop a voice in content, and best business practices involving social media. Here’s one site he recommended to check out: top bloggers, tips, and what makes a quality blog.

To sum up, get yourself Linked-In, Twitter, or even Facebook if you’ve haven’t. It’s interesting what you can learn, opportunities, and meet people. I hope you’ve found this blog interesting or somewhat helpful, and thank you for reading my first blog!