I live an introverted life, and I like it.

Today’s writing challenge:

hmm.. six things that are unique, exciting or just plain boring about myself?

My life is FAR from extraordinary, I live a very introverted life, and I like it that way. Overall I like myself (I don’t say that enough), but there is a lot to improve and progress in my life; I’m in my mid 20s and I haven’t accomplish much, YET. I guess you can say that I am on a self-discovery journey. I’m striving for a more productive life, THAT is my focus for this year 2013. Here are six random things about me:

  1. introverted
  2. procrastinator
  3. chocolate addict
  4. passionate
  5. animal lover
  6. vampire movie/TV show obsess


Maybe it’s not your life that needs changing, it’s your perspective.