Traveling to Forks, Washington

Edward-Bella-twilight-series-2629517-1024-768I would like to explore all of the Pacific Northwest. What makes a better roadtrip, than to take a scenic drive to the beautiful coastlines of Washington and Oregon. One specific spot I’d like to visit is Forks, Washington; you’ve may have heard of this small-vampire-werewolf-populated town, yes I am a Twihard fan. It’s in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula, between the Olympic Mountains and the Pacific Ocean beaches.

The story takes place in the following towns of Forks, LaPush and Port Angeles. You can take a Twilight Tour of actual Twilight locations in Forks and experience it for yourself, but I would prefer to take a seft-guided tour with a free Twilight map, where you can find at the Visitor Center near the airport, and I believe at several local shops as well. Although the films were shot in many other locations, majority were shot in Washington and Oregon.

LaPush beach, roughly 15 miles from Forks near the Quileute Indian Reservation, is what I would probably look forward to the most. A lot of the major plots seem to take place at this beach, like the very first scene on the beach is when Bella first met Jacob in a long time, and then was told stories about the cold ones. WOW, that scene seems like ages ago, the characters sure has evolved since then. The endless of unconditional love and sacrifices is what makes this story such a thrilling-dark-fantasy world (genre); a world that fans wish to be a part of, and CAN be a part of. I remember when I first realized Forks really DOES exits, and not just in Stephanie Meyer’s world, I got really excited… right here in Washington. Even part of Twilight is base on real Quileute mythology. According to their legends the tribe is descended from wolves, even the tribal name “Quileute” comes from their word for wolves, Kwoli.

I’ve lived here in Washington my whole life, sadly never really get to experience the Northwest, known for its beauty and greenery. I like the outdoors and would love to explore Forks someday, in the corner of the Pacific Northwest, there are bounds to be endless of recreational activities, sceneries, plus the land of Native American lore and history.