I don’t want to feel vulnerable

I don’t compromise

I don’t take risks

Don’t expect me to change or make sacrifices

I don’t make apologies

I don’t need anyone’s permission

Being single, I have one less person that I have an obligation to.

Really, I don’t want ANY of the responsibilities of being in a relationship. If it’s meant to be then I’m willing to work on it, but I’m NOT going to shed a tear, and if it comes to that I’ll be gladly to show him the door.

If making that significant other happy means taking away mine, I don’t want any part of it, and I learned that the hard way.

Someday I’d like to settle down FAR down in the future, and fall in love. When I do, I’d share the rest of my life with him and ONLY him & never look back.

black rose“Don’t lose yourself in a relationship. They fell in love with YOU. Not who they wanted or expected you to be.”

“It takes as much courage to walk toward love as it does to walk away from it.”

“Sometimes it takes losing what we were settling for to remind us what we deserve.”